Suit For Specific Performance Of Registered Agreement To Sell

… Respondent/Plaintiff was not entitled to sell a specific benefit decree on the basis of the unregant agreement, Ex.P1?2) If the findings of the… was adopted in this case:”Heard.An action for certain benefits was ordered for sale on the basis of an unregord agreement. Qualified advice appears for the… The USSR Committee asked the Commission to provide information and information services on the services of the Office of Information and State Affairs. Qualified advice for … One of the situations that arise for the courts in the event of a special execution of an agreement to sell a property is the increase in the price of the property during the litigation. However, the courts have indicated that the exemption from the specific benefit cannot be denied solely because of the phenomenal increase in prices during the rationalization of litigation. In such cases, the principle of equalization of actions is again applied by the courts: and before the court grants or refuses the exemption of certain benefits, the court is required to assess other decisive aspects, such as the issue. B to know who is the defaulting party, whether one party attempts to gain an unfair advantage over the other, the hardness that can result from the seller`s management of a given benefit, the unfair advantage that the buyer can obtain over the seller if a defined benefit is granted, and so on. … Ram Kishan v.

Bijender Mann aka Vijender Mann 2013 (1) PLR 195, Bench Division of the Court of Justice has decided that a lawsuit for a defined benefit based on… It was decreed the cancellation of the special execution of the sale agreement of 08.08.2005, and the defendant of the complainant was ordered to sell land of a size of 6 channels 0 marlas s… Agreement of 08.08.2005, defendant Haroon agreed to sell 6 channels of land, as described in the top note of the motion for a sale in exchange for Rs. 94,500/- and received… authorisation of the rule of law. [5]. As a result of the impugned order, the Tribunal dismissed the appeal on the principle that the appeal was based on the… Property Act.

Subject to Article 49 of the Registration Act, the non-registration of such a contract would not prohibit the introduction of legal action for a particular benefit on the basis of such an agreement…). Applicant/respondent party filed a complaint for the specific execution of the agreement for sale of 20.10.2012 executed by the defendant in favour of the applicant with respect to a semi house… On the basis of the aforementioned fundamental principle of the law relating to the facilitation of the specific performance of a contract, the Supreme Court of India recently annulled, in a Jayakantham decision, among other things against Abaykumar, the specific enforcement decree of an agreement to sell a property and granted financial compensation to the buyer (respondent) instead of the exemption from the specific benefit. The basic basis for the exercise of power by the courts requires due diligence on the basis of the facts and circumstances of the case. In assessing cases of special performance of a contract, the court may, at its sole discretion, impose any reasonable condition, including the payment of an additional amount by one party to the other party, while it issues or rejects a special benefit decree in the interests of justice and justice. … For the benefit of a detained person, that is, an agreement providing for a partial benefit, a sale agreement, as by Se… for sale. A relevant excerpt from the reference decision reads: “However, given that there is a conflict over the legal situation, the question of whether the complaint is at issue for some … Gurbachan Singh…

v. Raghubir Singh….