Purchaser Agreement Delay Delivery of Title Missouri

In addition to posting a warranty, dealers and purchasers must complete the written motor vehicle untitled sales agreement (Form 5620). It is also possible to issue a temporary 90-day permit for vehicles if the purchaser has received Form 5620. If the application for a Temporary Registration Permit (TRPA) cannot find proof of the merchant`s bond, only a 30-day temporary permit can be issued. 90-day permits can only be granted if the customer (dealer) has filed a warranty and completed the “Written Agreement on Untitled Sale” form for motor vehicles. If you have any further questions, please contact the Missouri Dealer Licensing Unit of the Department of Revenue. You can also visit the motor vehicle dealer bonding page SuretyBonds.com. Photo courtesy of David Stanley Chevrolet of Norman (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) Below is a list of the types of dealers eligible for this program: To remain in compliance with the law, managers must comply with all provisions set forth in Chapter 10 of the Missouri Dealer Operating System. All vehicles eligible for this program must be registered in the State of Missouri. .