Krg Collective Agreement

In both Iraq and Kurdistan, changes to an existing employment contract generally have to be made by mutual agreement between workers and employers. Employers cannot unilaterally change employment contracts. How can employers change existing employment contracts? “Our members were mobilized from the beginning and we showed great solidarity throughout the process. The KRG dropped all of its claims that were not negotiable to us, and we received pay increases of 2.5% for the first three years of the agreement and 2% for the last, which is more than respectable. We also got a retroactivity for our members and indexed it with diems,” said Victor Mesher, President of KRGEU. If the process results in an agreement, the contract is entered as a collective agreement. In the absence of an agreement, a party may require that the Department of Employment and Loans be able to resolve the dispute. However, it is not clear whether and how the parties can resolve the dispute over the text of the agreement. Five months after the agreement in principle, the contract is still signed KUUJJUAQ, QC, 18 Dec 2018 /CNW Telbec/ – members of the Kativik Regional Government Employees Union (KRGEU) have a new collective agreement. An agreement was reached in April of this year, but since then the employer has tried to reduce the negotiated agreement. The KRG eventually heard the reason and decided to respect the April agreement.

A member of the KRG workers` union in Kangirsuk is leading an action at the municipality`s airport that calls on KRG management to respect the principle of the agreement reached in April last year. (Photo Courtesy by Krgeu) Drug use by workers is subject to labour laws in Iraq and the Kurds only to the extent that it affects workers while they are in the workplace. However, if drug testing is entered into an employment or pre-employment contract, the worker must comply. The union and KRG management made progress last April when the two parties signed an agreement in principle. Negotiations on the renewal of a collective agreement must begin within three months of expiry.