Dell Prosupport Service Level Agreement

The main activity of the manufacturer is the distribution of new material products. Maintenance only plays a lucrative supporting role where few resources are invested and little emphasis is placed on user-friendliness. Above all, Dell wants to sell you new goods. That`s why they often try to convince you to make a new purchase, even if your devices still fully meet your needs and it is possible to maintain them without problems. On the other hand, is specialized in maintenance tasks. Not only are the technicians fully trained, but they also perform these tasks in Dell`s daily on-site service and therefore have a lot of experience. In many cases, we can offer you a better maintenance service than the manufacturer. In addition, you benefit from a clear cost saving. Our service is up to 50 percent cheaper than a comparable maintenance contract with the supplier. 2 The Dell Accidental Damage Service is only available for the duration of Dell`s Limited Hardware Warranty and excludes theft, loss and damage due to fire, flood or other natural powers or intentional damage. The customer may need to return the device to Dell. Limit of 1 qualified incident per contract year….