Cfr Non Disclosure Agreement

(ii) use, modify, reproduce, disclose, export, display or reveal proprietary or technical data marked with captioned exhibits with limited privileges, only as stated in the appendix to this Agreement. Disclosure, benefit, notification or disclosure to others are not permitted unless it is indicated as an appendix to this Agreement or expressly authorized in writing by the contractor. (e) The contractor also undertakes to include in each sub-contract or in this agreement provisions that essentially correspond to the language of this clause, including the explicit mention of possible corrective measures and this paragraph (e). 3. In a case where a real or potential conflict (or overt conflict of interest) is disclosed, the Department takes appropriate steps to eliminate or resolve the real or potential conflict, including, but not limited to mitigating or neutralizing the conflict, through means such as ensuring a balance of opinion, disclosing with corresponding exclusions of liability, or doing work to avoid or reduce the conflict. In this clause, the term “potential conflict” refers to reasonably foreseeable conflicts of interest. Comment: Two opinions proposed: The obligation, in the NDA, between the contractor and the covered public contractor, to prohibit additional conditions in relation to the conditions set out in the 252.227-7025, without the mutual agreement of the parties, would lead the contractors concerned by the government to sign industrial reference NDAs that most often contain conditions that are not included in the 252.227-7025 to “balance”. and that the restrictions in the clause “are not a legally sufficient document.” The respondents proposed to eliminate the ban by providing a language for additional conditions. 3452.201-70 Contract Agent Representative (Cor).

3452.202-1 Definitions – Ministry of Education. 3452.208-71 Pressure. 3452.208-72 Paperwork Reduction Act. 3452.209-70 Conflict of Interest Certification. 3452.209-71 Conflicts of interest. 3452.215-70 Limited data release. 3452.216-70 Principles of Additional Costs. 3452.216-71 Award-Term.

3452.224-70 Publication of information under the Freedom of Information Act. 3452.224-71 Information on human research activities. 3452.224-72 Research activities with people. 3452.227-70 Publication and advertising. 3452.227-71 Awards advertising. 3452.227-72 Use and Confidentiality Agreement. 3452.227-73 Restrictions on the use or disclosure of information produced by the government and characterized by restrictive captions. 3452.228-70 Insurance required.

3452.232-70 Cost or average limitation. 3452.232-71 Incremental funding. 3452.237-70 Consultant Services. 3452.237-71 Respect for administrative closures. 3452.239-70 Internet Journal Version 6 (IPv6). 3452.239-71 Notice to the department`s security requirements providers. 3452.239-72 Department security requirements. 3452.239-73 Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC Compatibility).

3452.242-70 Litigation and claims. 3452.242-71 Communication to the government on delays. 3452.242-73 Accessibility of meetings, conferences and seminars for people with disabilities. 3452.243-70 key personnel. 3452.247-70 trips abroad. DoD`s response: The Use and Confidentiality Agreement at 227.7103-7 is an agreement between the government and a private party and is used only if the information is transmitted to the private party outside of a contract containing clause 252.227-7025. If the receiving party is a covered state operator, the provision contract must, by definition, contain the clause in point 252.227-7025 – otherwise, the host contractor cannot be considered a covered state contractor and would not be allowed to receive proprietary information for the performance of that contract.